Solar Panel Cleaning 

Did you notice increased energy bills even with solar panels installed in your house? Perhaps, they are not clean enough to operate. 

Having solar panels at your home or workplace is a big investment in itself and you can’t leave it to inexperience hands. Window To Wall Cleaning & Property MaintenanceWi will take care of your solar panels without using any harmful abrasives or chemicals. Our team of professional cleaners are specialised and experienced in solar panel cleaning.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of solar panels is essential to ensure you receive greater benefits from the system. Our modern techniques of low cost maintenance of solar panels will assure that they perform with maximum power. We not just install the system but take care of its maintenance as well.

What reduces the productivity of solar panels?

The exposure to outside elements affects the performance of solar panels. Some of which includes:
  • Ocean salt in coastal areas
  • Residues from factories and industries
  • Dirt and dust
  • Moss, fungus and mildew
  • Ash and smog
  • Pollens, debris and saps from trees
  • Fertilisers and pesticides sprayed in the agricultural and residential areas
  • Pollution from heavy transport vehicles
  • Bird droppings
Pure water to clean your solar panels

Like any other glass, your solar panels also need regular cleaning to maintain its productivity affected by the outside elements. It isn’t always easy to do it on your own. No more worries, we are here to do it for you!

To ensure excellent performance of the solar panel system, we use the most innovative way of cleaning. We drain out the minerals from water using a special filter which turns it to its purest form. Pure water cleans the panels much more efficiently than chemicals, making them spotless clean.

Pure water wants to get back to its natural state by attracting dirt. As it does so, all the dirt and chemicals from the glass is removed and it stays cleaner for long.
We offer you a written report!

Our skilled cleaners give you a detailed report on the conditions of your frames, panels and mounts.
 Never let your investment at risk when you have dedicated cleaners to help. 
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